NEW 1+3 low loader trailer for bigger containers

CHABRILLAC is used to transporting materials for the Aerospace industry.

These equipments are often wide and high, sometimes long and tend to be more and more heavy.

So, we thought we should invest into getting the most multi-purpose trailer.

After a significant one year waiting time, our brand new EURO-71-13 (IPC) NOOTEBOOM trailer was finally delivered to our Toulousian facility.This 3-axle EURO-PX low-loader with a single-axle interdolly Compact is equipped with a special ultra-thin extendible load floor, also known as a ‘Super Shallow Deck’. This load floor, which thickness is only 23 centimetres, offers CHABRILLAC the maximum loading height that we need for our loads.

Probably a unique flatbed in France...

With this new trailer CHABRILLAC stands out!