Aerospace transport


The Market

The Aerospace sector consists of the space industry (launcher transport, satellite transport) and the aerospace industry (aircraft transport, helicopter transport).

The aerospace transport market is a very specific market due to the value and the unique nature of the materials being transported and the non-standardised way they are produced.

Significant resources are mobilised over relatively short periods and due to the critical nature of the items being transported, careful and advanced preparation is essential to the success of every transport operation.

The aeronautics market is more standardised but equally sensitive. Manufacturers work to a just-in-time philosophy, requiring the utmost rapidity and responsiveness from partners and suppliers alike.

The challenges of aerospace equipment transport

For manufacturers operating in these markets, meeting their delivery deadlines is essential:

  • Adhering to launch windows
  • Aircraft on ground

Neither delays nor delivery failures can be tolerated so the service they provide must be impeccable and requires responsiveness, flexibility, punctuality and a high level of quality.

Aeronautical Transport Solutions

Historically based in the Toulouse region, the birthplace of the aeronautics and space industry, at Chabrillac we have adapted to the many changes throughout the sector so we always meet the technical expectations of our customers.

With our knowledge of the aerospace market and its specific technical nature, we provide advice and expertise, from designing containers and tools to reducing transport constraints.

We are always looking for innovative solutions in light of the various economic and industrial challenges within the sector. We adapt our vehicles (ie platforms, extendable or lowered trailers) and optimise shipment security.

Our location, combined with our network of European partners, means we are close to the main industrial sites within the sector, which helps increase our responsiveness.

These aspects make Chabrillac the ideal partner for any operation involving these sensitive materials.

Case Study: Aerospace Transport by Chabrillac

IGG: road transport constraints go hand-in-hand with the size of satellites and their containers, which are always increasing.
For several years we have been working in collaboration with the city of Toulouse, local administrations and manufacturers from the space industry in order to ensure a continued major route linking the South of Toulouse to Blagnac Airport with very large-scale satellite containers.
Roadways and transport equipment have been studied and adapted to minimise size constraints and enable the safe delivery of these materials that have such high added value.