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Our challenges

In the 2000s, the European Union expanded and saw the opening of borders between the different states that constitute it. The historical customers of Chabrillac are companies on a European or even worldwide scale, with multiple sites located in several countries of the EU.

Recognised for our responsiveness, Chabrillac could not remain confined to French territory. We had to either locate closer to our clients' European sites or merge with our European partners whose locations and quality of service met our customers' expectations.

We opted for a European partnership.

The transport services we offer our customers have to be European !

Alliance Route To Space: the European transport solution

French company Chabrillac,

the British Collett & Sons,

the Swiss Friderici Special

and German companies Hermann Paule GmbH and Weila GmbH,

came together to form the Route To Space Alliance logo-routetospace.

The Alliance, whose headquarters are located at Chabrillac in Toulouse, offers the collective experience, knowledge and skills of its five members and offers a complete transport package for highly sensitive and often unique and irreplaceable equipment. The five carriers are family-owned companies known for their conscientiousness who have benefited from decades of experience in the transportation of high-tech products and oversized cargo.

The collective experience, knowledge and skill of the five partners allow us to competently manage the transport of sensitive cargoes across Europe.

The Route To Space Alliance aims to bring together new European partners, especially Spanish and Italian, in the near future.