Our commitments


Chabrillac is a specialised transport operator ranked among the best companies in its field in France and Europe. We manage customer freight as unique products through our four main services: Transport, Engineering, Storage and Handling.

It is through our customers' cargo that we have been practising our profession as an exceptional carrier for more than 30 years. Plus, we understand the value of and have mastered the means to ensure the safe arrival of that cargo. We complete more than 50 exceptional transport operations every month and we are proud of every one.


At Chabrillac we guarantee our customers a single point of contact, the operations manager. This person, known to the customer as soon as we make our offer, is responsible for mobilising all the resources and means necessary to uphold our commitment. Each operation requires a set of skills that includes an assessment of the stowage means to be employed, cargo control, the preparation of the journey and the routing, and the safe completion of the transport process itself.

As such, our customers can rest assured when they delegate responsibility for their cargo to us. The goods we transport may be an equipment piece that is part of a larger structure to be assembled or may be delivered directly to the end user. Whatever the job, responsibility for the cargo is necessarily passed to us. Consequently, at Chabrillac we are always able to assume that responsibility because we know how to anticipate the risks of accidents.


Our customers share and understand the values of the Chabrillac group, namely Regularity, Efficiency, Punctuality, Responsiveness, Safety and Loyalty.

Regularity : Chabrillac is proud to deliver our services with consistent quality no matter who the customer is or what the cargo or conditions are.

Efficiency  : Our teams at Chabrillac are attentive to our customers and skilled in ascertaining what are the correct resources and means required for a specific cargo. This is how we are able to offer rates as close as possible to operating expenses.

Punctuality : Loading and delivering a cargo on time is what we do. Thanks to the experience of our teams and the quality of our processes, we guarantee this commitment for a percentage close to 100% of our operations. For exemple

Responsiveness : It is a value that our customers appreciate whether it is completing a job for them or simply providing advice. We are always available to offer our services.

Safety : Chabrillac is responsible for the safety of the people, the cargo and the means employed to complete a transport operation, and we can assure customers that this commitment requires the utmost professionalism.

Loyalty  : Since the very beginning of the company, integrity has been part of our DNA here at Chabrillac as we are strictly against all illegal practices and we respect our competition, avoid conflicts of interest and fight against corruption.


Chabrillac is equipped not only to provide our customers with real-time monitoring of ongoing operations but also to build a strong history of successfully completed operations. The objective is twofold: informing customers and optimising operations through feedback.

Thanks to various monitoring tools, both Chabrillac and our customers can track the progress during a journey and upon its completion. As such, each of the parties is able to objectively reflect on its duties and responsibility if necessary.

This kind of objective requires equipment on board vehicles and sometimes on the cargo itself, but more so staff training and a real sense of conscientiousness from our teams. At Chabrillac, all employees are responsible for the information delivered to customers at their own level. This desire for transparency and commitment helps to empower our employees and reassure our customers.