Transporting works of art and collector pieces

Art is usually exhibited to the general public at shows and in exhibition halls, so these works need to be moved from time to time, and collector pieces are often moved so they can be touched up or repaired before being returned. Unique is probably the word that best summarises this type of cargo!

The challenges of transporting art

Transporting works of art and collector pieces requires a guarantee of their safe arrival so that they can continue to be exhibited for years to come. The major challenge is the fact these pieces are unique and therefore irreplaceable at any price, so at Chabrillac, we know the value of our cargo better than anyone.

Our transport solutions

Chabrillac is one of the few carriers to take the risk of transporting these unique pieces, which means we are experts in transportation methods for the Art industry. We have developed specific stowing practices and unconventional ways of preparing our journeys.


Transporting sculptures for MMCI

MMCI: When we were asked to transport some of the monumental sculptures of Manolo Valdès, the main challenge we faced was safe stowage. Each of the statues we transported was handled very specifically in terms of both securing and stowing the pieces, the latter of which is imperceptible to the untrained eye to preserve the visual appearance of the sculpture.