Exceptional transport in complete confidence


In most industrial and commercial environments, the need for confidentiality has grown over the last two decades, both in terms of document management and transport/delivery. For some, it is even a major requirement.


In a globalised economy, unintentional disclosure of information can have significant consequences to the detriment of our customers in terms of competitive advantage.

Documents entrusted to us by our customers must be managed in compliance with their requirements.

Transport and delivery must be done securely.

Our solution: exceptional but confidential transport

Discretion is an intrinsic value here at Chabrillac.

Any requirements regarding our customers' confidentiality included in contracts are passed on to our operators. When subcontracting is involved, documents are only disclosed after acceptance of the confidentiality obligation by the partner, or with the agreement of the customer. Our drivers are fully briefed by our operators when necessary and their duty of discretion also features in the driver's manual given to each of them upon joining the company.

Even beyond their contract, our staff's discretion will be applied: the work you entrust to us stays with us and our crew.