Respecting the environment


Respecting our environment is a key challenge for the future of our children.

The reduction of CO2 emissions and air pollutants is an effective way to contribute to the fight against global warming and the improvement of our air quality.

Since 1 October 1990, when the first European standard on EURO 0 motor vehicle emissions was created, road hauliers have changed their fleets and today are mainly equipped with EURO 5 and EURO 6 vehicles.

Between EURO 0 and EURO 6 standards:

  • CO2 emissions have decreased by 22%
  • carbon emissions have been divided by 7
  • hydrocarbons emissions have been divided by 18
  • nitrogen emissions have been divided by 36
  • particle emissions have been divided by 90

In 2010 (EURO 5 standard), trucks produced 7% of all French CO2, far behind cars (14%)


Aware that our responsibility involves more than simply raising awareness, we are committed to an environmental policy aimed at reducing our impact on the planet.

Signatories of the CO2 Charter since 2010, we have implemented a number of actions to significantly reduce our emission of pollutants:

  • - Our drivers are trained in eco-driving and good practice
  • - We have an incentive bonus system
  • - Our fleet of vehicles is regularly modernised to the most efficient Euro emission standards
  • - Our tractors are equipped with devices to reduce their consumption.
  • - We optimise our traffic flows and the occupancy of our vehicles.

We will formalise our performance levels and formally guarantee our commitment to our customers by obtaining label certification.

« It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks
but the human race does not listen. »

Victor Hugo