Storage, an additional transport service

Storage, like handling, often goes hand-in-hand with transport.

By offering this service, we at Chabrillac have expanded our range and now offer a complete service. Whether an upstream delivery to your supply chain or downstream to your distribution chain, we can:

  • store materials:
    • o that are bulky and non-environment sensitive (shipping containers, etc.) outdoors on our site F-36 VATAN or F-31 CASTANET TOLOSAN
    • o sensitive: in an alarmed warehouse with video surveillance located in Castanet Tolosan.
  • Off site where we have our own facilities, offer advice and can use our network of partners to research storage solutions.

The availability of materials on our premises or those of our partners means we are closer to customers and have the capacity to deliver quickly, helping to further improve our rapid responsiveness.

A unique provider for your equipment

Chabrillac is the only representative you need for your transport and storage requirements.

By placing the safeguarding of their property under our responsibility, customers reduce their risk with insurers.

You can entrust us with the everyday tasks regarding any equipment you store with us, such as maintenance and simple modifications, thereby optimising both travel and your use of human resources.


By taking care of your goods, we:

  • provide global management of your logistics
  • enable accessibility to those stored goods
  • guarantee the full safety and security of your equipment


In addition to the usual information provided during transport operations, we can keep track of everything you have entrusted to us.

We produce tables providing information on regular movements and maintenance history of the items in question.