Transport for defence

The Market

Defence is primary a concern for all countries, whether it be ensuring safety and security or managing military budgets. The needs of the Armed Forces have significantly contributed to innovation in recent decades. France is a leading country in this respect and its defence-related industrial activity is prolific.

The transport challenges of the defence industry

Transporting equipment in association with Defence requires rigour and commitment when it comes the preparation, timing and security of all transport operations. The storage of assets entrusted to us, with the confidentiality this requires, is an essential component.

Our solutions for defence transportation

Our operation works to its schedules, which are planned around the commitments we make to our customers. We adapt to and adhere to our customers' requirements, not the other way around. In particular, we know how to identify the human and material resources needed to implement and address datas prior to any transport operation.

All personnel used are necessarily employed by Chabrillac. Our operators are sensitive and discreet when it comes to current or future transport as well as past operations.

Case study: exceptional transport for Defence by Chabrillac

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