Our ethic


We guarantee the fair and equitable treatment of our employees throughout their professional engagement with Chabrillac. We ensure the avoidance of any situation of discrimination or harassment, for example favouritism, as well as ensuring the integrity of all our teams and our managers and the impartiality of their decisions.

We are committed to showing mutual respect and harassment will not be tolerated, whether verbal or gestural in nature. A priority of Chabrillac is to provide everyone working on our behalf with a work environment that preserves their health and safety.

We ensure that our employees can fulfil their duties by possessing the necessary authorisations and training, and that they do not endanger the health and safety of others.

By respecting people, we attest to their right to the protection of their privacy and we respect the confidentiality of all personal data.


The associated risks of road transport, especially exceptional transport, are well known and can have consequences for others. Therefore, Chabrillac also adheres strictly to transport regulations.

The transport profession is fully regulated by labour laws, particularly to preserve the health and safety of drivers. Respecting break times is not only an obligation but also a right, as we measure risk comprehensively.

Exceptional transport requires additional skills that only the most experienced can possess. That's why we invest in training our employees in driving as well as cargo stowage and securement.

These obligations are expensive and sometimes unknown to customers, but we take them all into account at Chabrillac.


It is clear to everyone that we must preserve nature, our common benefit. We are working to promote more sustainable and socially responsible practices, which involves economic, environmental and social considerations too.

We take this into account when investing in new equipment and keeping existing assets in operational condition. We are committed to educating our employees in the use of equipment to protect the environment.


Every employee has a duty of loyalty to Chabrillac and our customers. Employees must therefore be able to make choices that do not risk conflicting with the interests of Chabrillac or our customers. Each employee is able to contribute to the image and reputation of Chabrillac at their own level, as well as striving to protect them and to avoid causing any damage thereto.

We operate in compliance with free and fair competition based solely on the competitiveness of our services. We do not employ any practice that may misrepresent the competition, eliminate a competitor or abuse a dominant position.

We do not tolerate any form of bribery or any practice directly or indirectly involving the provision of money or anything else of value to a third party for the purpose of influencing a decision or business transaction.

In terms of benefits, any gift or invitation must be considered unacceptable if it places its beneficiary in a situation of obligation or could be considered as being in exchange for preferential treatment granted or requested by Chabrillac.