The transport of motor vehicules

The current market

Cars and transportation have been part of our daily life for more than a century, and every day more so. According to a study by newspaper "Le Monde" in 2015, 91% of French households owned a car.
This market is constantly growing in terms of size, quality and safety.
Apart from new or used vehicles delivered to individuals, many other vehicle types also need to be transported, such as prototypes, unregistered vehicles and collectors' vehicles.

The challenges of motor vehicle transport

To stand out from the competition, manufacturers are constantly evolving their models. Before they are placed on the market, all models are subjected to various tests on specific sites requiring discreet transport that is sheltered from the spotlight. In addition, booking test sites may require essential loading and delivery dates.
Other unregistered vehicles that normally operate in a closed circuit are not allowed to travel in the public domain. Technical and other types of work take place on external sites and require the transport of vehicles.

Our vehicle transport solutions

In order to transport these specific vehicles, we needed to:

  • adapt our fleet of trailers:
    • Semi tank carriers
    • Semi tautliners with ramps
  • manufacture equipment specialised for loading and stowing vehicles and securing them in place
  • develop specialised stowing methods

Transport scheduling is done in alignment with allotted delivery slots.

Case Study: Vehicle Transport for Total

TOTAL: To enable these very specialist vehicles to be loaded, we designed and manufactured special ramps and developed the procedure to load and stow the vehicles.