Our security and training procedures

Beyond the constraints and regulatory requirements applicable to road freight transport, the safety of goods and people is a key issue.

Inseparable from quality, safety is a key element in the application of Chabrillac processes.

Staff trained continuously

Because safety comes first and through training, we are continuously training our staff.

In addition to mandatory training, our drivers have the necessary authorisations to carry out the assignments you entrust to us, in compliance with applicable regulations:

  • CACES 3 and 4 (French certificate of aptitude in safe driving)
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Freight safety
  • Access cards/passes to regulated sites such as airports, customer sites, etc.


All drivers of our oversized cargo vehicles receive individual support so they can be progressively trained on the various categories. Separate from the driving, all transport-related matters are addressed as part of this training, particularly regulation, protection, understanding authorisations and pilot vehicles.

And, because proper stowage is a guarantee of safety, our drivers benefit from specialist training on stowage and securement techniques, provided by our internal trainer, an expert in the subject. This theoretical and practical training covers:

  • regulations and standards
  • the laws of physics
  • stowage equipment (use, capacity, control)
  • load distribution
  • stowage methods
  • wearing IPE

By signing our customers' various security protocols, here at Chabrillac we have undertaken to ensure compliance with all instructions, including providing our staff with all the necessary personal protection equipment.