For quality transport

Chabrillac is one of the few carriers to reconcile value and the cost of transport. Transport can be difficult if and only if we maintain the cost without considering the services we deliver or how they are performed.


Furthermore, our goal is always to transport at the best price with an "all inclusive" logic. Customers recognise not only our expertise but also our ability to deliver services efficiently and, above all, with no surprises!

Our expertise, your added value

With more than 30 years of experience transporting satellites, aircraft and other modules in the Aerospace industry, we know how much a delay, damage during transport or a failure to adhere to procedures can cost.

Our customers also know this and place their trust in Chabrillac for the following four reasons:

  • The loading, stowing and the journey itself are prepared by our Engineering Department to ensure the safe arrival of your equipment;
  • All our drivers are trained and experienced to ensure safe transport and compliance with deadlines and all legal procedures in force;
  • A manager can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a week
  • The Chabrillac company is insured in contractual civil liability for the repair of material and immaterial damages for amounts often greater than our competitors. For equipment of very high value, our insurance covers our customers' excess at a minimum (terms available on request).


The commitments of an exceptional transport specialist

Our customers entrust us with equipment that is tied to their commercial and contractual responsibility and significantly affects their production and assembly processes.



When it comes to outsourcing logistics and transportation, Chabrillac customers value our flexibility, professionalism and responsiveness.

  • We own our own fleet of vehicles and use our own salaried drivers.
  • Our loading, securement and stowage procedures were created for a number of different materials, for example sensitive equipment, frequently transported equipment and unstable loads…

From express delivery to wide load transport, we understand all the aspects that are essential to not only the transport of goods but also flexibility.

Moreover, thanks to the experience of our staff, we are already familiar with the equipment we are transporting. Any new equipment can be researched for optimum loading and stowing, etc.

All our transport operations are carried out under a strict framework of compliance with European social regulations guaranteeing our customers against any liability proceedings.


Advice for trouble-free transportation

More than a carrier, Chabrillac is your advisor for the packaging and transport of your equipment and materials from your site or your client's site to their final destination.

Our vehicles are equipped with on-board computers allowing us to follow all operations in real time, such as availability times, loading times and geographical positioning...

We are also equipped to track your cargo until it is delivered and to send you the relevant environmental requirements such as vibration levels or temperature or hygrometry conditions.

Collection from your suppliers or delivery to your customers is confirmed within hours of completion.