Transporting equipment

The current market

In many other sectors, manufacturers regularly need wide load transport for equipment due to be assembled and installed at the destination sites. This is particularly true in the Energy sector with the transport of transformers, wind turbine blades or pipelines, in the construction sector with construction beams, industrial chimneys or motorway information panels, and even more so in the iron and steel industries and the robotics, agricultural machinery and shipbuilding industries.

National and international companies are changing their production and operational sites, sometimes relocating, and as a result, the transport of their equipment has become a trans-European matter.


The equipment used in all these other sectors is usually diverse and varied. They are of considerable dimension and volume and somewhat specialised. It is often difficult to replace them and this has a direct impact on customers' production and commercial services.

Transporting this specialist equipment may require months of preparation for the customer, so it requires advanced planning on the part of the carrier.

Our specific equipment transport solutions

Thanks to our modular trailers, Chabrillac is authorised to transport such huge equipment. We provide all national transport using our own resources.

However, the remoteness of some collection and delivery points means we are required to select reputed and well connected partners. It is in this spirit that we have developed the RouteToSpace Alliance, whereby we have formed a group of 5 partners located in France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany. This alliance enables us to manage the technical requirements of the cargo and the transport routes throughout Europe.

Case study: transport of equipment for Lacroix Traffic

Lacroix Traffic: Transporting highway signs is a constant challenge given the fragility of both the equipment and the delivery requirements.